"TJ" Wilson
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His legacy
T's Legacy to Me  

TJ will always be my Love. 
My prince. 
My Savior, Teacher, and Guardian Angel.

He was always so good to me, always treated me like a princess.  Protecting me and babying me.  Giving me anything I wanted that he could obtain.
I learned more from TJ than I will ever learn from anyone.  He taught me that you have to follow your heart.  And if it doesn't lead you in a good direction, you should follow it anyway

Thats what love is about. 
Being there for someone no matter what, always, 
even if it means sacrificing yourself. 
And don't give up. 
Even when you think its so bad, it can always be worse.

And so he will live on in my mind,
as my soulmate.
So far from me now,
but closer than anyone else. 

I Love You TJ,
and I miss you terribly.

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