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This memorial website was created in the undying memory of our beloved TJ Wilson who was born in Washington on September 17, 1983 and was taken from us on January 15, 2005 at the age of 21.
TJ is survived by his beautiful mother, Rhonda Brinkley, his two brothers Corey and Daniel and the only father TJ ever knew, his wonderful stepfather Steven Brinkley.
TJ loved his mother, and his brothers, more than anything.
Growing up, TJ was the oldest.  Being the one setting the example isn't always easy, but T tried his best.  Being a brother for TJ was more like being a father figure, the big brother to look up to.  Being the man of the family, to be there and take care of Mom and Corey and Daniel.  And of course, to also yell profanities and death curses at the Jehovah's Witnesses that come knocking on the door. 

Music flowed through TJ, like the blood flowing in his veins.  He felt it, and he made us all feel it too.  TJ was a musical genious, and the one of very best guitarists any of us will ever meet. From electric to acoustic, it didn't matter.  He would spend hours trying to get some of the rifs down just right.  Trying to be his own Kurt Cobain, and playing with Willie D till the sun comes up the next morning.
For those who are close to T, everytime you hear the radio, something will come on that will remind you of TJ.  Nirvana, Tool, Weezer, Alice in Chains, and so many more.  TJ will be greatly remembered by his love of music, and his huge heart. 

Tributes and Condolences
I am so proud of you TJ   / Katie Hixson (love)
I Love TJ Wilson.I always have, and I always will.I never used to understand why I had the type of connection with T that I had with no one else, but now its way too clear.  Like the better half of me I always thought you were,Half of me is now ...  Continue >>
To the family and friends   / T.James WILSON (no)
Hey my name is also T.J. Wilson III. I was just looking up my name and came across this page. I am so sorry to hear your TJ has departed from this earth. My dad T.J. was born in Washington D.C. on Maart 17th 1930 and pasted on Dec. 24th 1990. I looke...  Continue >>
God bless you "T J"   / Susan Mum Of Angel Thomas France (Passerby)
Sending you my sincere sympathy. I too lost my son at 21 years old.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.  Susan xxx
The Comfort Prayer   / Jen Ramsey Sis Angel Colt Forrest Penny
The Comfort Prayer   When loss and grief have torn apart the world we thought we knew Words never seem to be enough for things we can’t undo, So I’ll just say a silent prayer for what may comfort you: The solace of warm memories tha...  Continue >>
I'm Everywhere  / Melissa Smith (grieving Mom) (none)    Read >>
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His legacy
T's Legacy to Me  

TJ will always be my Love. 
My prince. 
My Savior, Teacher, and Guardian Angel.

He was always so good to me, always treated me like a princess.  Protecting me and babying me.  Giving me anything I wanted that he could obtain.
I learned more from TJ than I will ever learn from anyone.  He taught me that you have to follow your heart.  And if it doesn't lead you in a good direction, you should follow it anyway

Thats what love is about. 
Being there for someone no matter what, always, 
even if it means sacrificing yourself. 
And don't give up. 
Even when you think its so bad, it can always be worse.

And so he will live on in my mind,
as my soulmate.
So far from me now,
but closer than anyone else. 

I Love You TJ,
and I miss you terribly.

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